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Employee Voter Registration Week

Employee Voter Registration Week

General Election - Tuesday November 8th

CalChamber Special Report:  November Ballot Measures

The latest edition of Alert includes a seven-page special report on the November ballot measures, including brief summaries of the California Chamber of Commerce reasons for its positions on seven of the 17 ballot measures.

On propositions where the CalChamber has no position, the guide summarizes arguments for and against the measures as presented in the 224-page official voter information guide prepared by the California Secretary of State.

Below is a recap of CalChamber positions on November ballot measures:


Proposition 51: School Bonds

Proposition 52: State Fees on Hospitals. Federal Medi-Cal Matching Funds

Proposition 54: Legislative Transparency

Proposition 58: English Language Education


Proposition 53: Revenue Bonds

Proposition 55: Tax Extension on High Wealth Individuals

Proposition 61: Prescription Drug Purchases. Pricing

For more information, see the special report or download a print-friendly PDF.

What California Employers Need to Know

About the New Federal Overtime Rule

The California Chamber of Commerce has made available a free white paper that covers the new federal overtime rule, its effects on how California employers pay their employees, and how employers can prepare for the change.

Until recently, California employers were generally not concerned with federal overtime requirements because California’s duties and salary tests for certain key exemptions were more stringent than federal requirements.

That changes as of December 1, 2016, when the federal salary requirement for the administrative, executive and professional exemptions will exceed California’s salary test. When state and federal overtime laws apply, employers must follow whichever is more protective of employees.

What does this new law mean for California employers?  Do you increase salaries or reclassify employees? It involves numerous issues, so it’s not a clear-cut decision.

What California Employers Need to Know About the New Federal Overtime Rule is now available for nonmembers to download. CalChamber members can also access this white paper on HRCalifornia.

CalChamber’s white paper covers:

Changes to the federal overtime rule mean that the federal salary test is now relevant to California employers ...
  • How the new rule affects the federal salary test;
  • Whether the federal rule relating to bonuses, commissions and highly compensated employees applies;
  • Steps you can take to prepare; and
  • Much more.

The California Chamber of Commerce 2016 Business Issues and Legislative Guide is available. 






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